Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

1.  Dr. Pob Zeb Vang
Political Science, University of Denver, 1996
Notable Achievements: United Nations’ recognition of Hmong as the proper term for the Hmong people

2.  Dr. Dao Yang, PhD
Social Economics, Sorbonne U., France, 1972  First Hmong PhD

3.  Dr. Dia Cha, PhD
Anthropology, U. of Colorado, Boulder, 2000 Assoc. Prof., Anthropology and Ethnic Studies
St. Cloud State University
St. Cloud, MN

4.  Dr. Zha Blong Xiong, PhD
Family Social Science, U. of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2000
Assoc. Prof., Social Sciences
U. of Minnesota, General College

5.  Dr. Kou Yang,  EdD
U. of California Davis/ California State U.- Fresno, 1995
Chair, Ethnic & Gender Studies Dept.
Prof of Asian American Studies
California State U.- Stansislas

6.  Dr. Shoua Yang, PhD
North Illinois University
Visiting Assist. Prof., Political Science
U. of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

7. Dr. Gary Yia Lee, PhD
Social Anthropology/Community Development
U. of Sydney, Australia, 1981

8.  Dr. Kao-Ly Yang, PhD
Linguistics & Anthropology, France
Fresno, Ca

9.  Dr. Vincent K. Her, PhD 
Cultural Anthropology, U. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2005
Assist. Prof., Ethnic Studies and Anthropology
U. of Wisconsin-La Cross

10.  Dr. Mai Na Lee, PhD
South East Asian History, U. of Wisconsin-Madison, 2005
Assist. Prof., Hmong History Across the Globe
U. of Minnesota, College of Liberal Arts

11.  Dr. Serge Lee, PhD
Social Work, U. of Washington, 1993
Assoc. Prof., Social Work
California State U.- Sacramento

12.  Dr. Ger Moua, PhD
Counseling Psychology, Washington State U., 2006
Professor of Psychology, Spokane Community College

13.  Dr. Mylo Thao, PhD
University of California-Davis
Assist. Prof., Microbiology
California State U.- Stanislas

14.  Dr. Paoze Thao, PdD
Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, Loyola U. of Chicago, 1994
Prof., Linguistics and Education
California State U.- Monterey Bay

15.  Dr. Chia Youyee Vang, PhD
American Studies, U. of Minnesota, 2006
Assist. Prof., Modern Hmong/Southeast Asian History/Immigration
Depart. of History, U. of  Wisconsin-Milwaukee

16.  Dr. Lue Vang, EdD
Student Success Specialist
Sacramento City Unified School District
Sacramento, CA
(916) 643-9089

17.  Dr. Mai Xiong, EdD
University of the Pacific, 2002
Lead counselor: veterans
Delta College, Stockton, CA

18.  Dr. Tony Vang, EdD
Fresno Unified School District, Board of Education

19.  Dr. Yer Jeff Thao, PhD
Claremont Graduate University
Assist. Prof., Curriculum & Instruction-Education
Portland State University

19.  Dr. Yer Jeff Thao, PhD
Claremont Graduate University
Assist. Prof., Curriculum & Instruction-Education
Portland State University

20. Dr. Pao H. Lee, PhD
Computer Science, Kennedy-Western U., 1997
BA and MSDD (Master of Software Design and Development), U. of St. Thomas
Software Consultant, ATR International Inc.
Working at Wells Fargo in Minneapolis, MN

21.  Dr. Christopher T. Vang, EdD
U. of California Davis/ California State U.- Fresno, 2001
Assoc. Prof., Teacher Education
California State U.- Stanislas

22.  Dr. Chieng Lo, PhD
Stockton Lao Family

23.  Dr. Mai Moua, PhD
Leadership Studies, Gonzaga U., Spokane, WA
Leadership Paradigms, Inc
1595 Selby Ave, Ste 112
St Paul, MN 55104

24.  Dr. Philip Pao Yang, EdD
Educational Leadership, Edgewood College, 2008

25. Dr. Buddy X. Fang, PhD

26. Dr. Tou Her, PhD

Other Ph. D’s

1.  Dr. Connie Cha
2.  Dr. Wang Chao Fang, United States International U., 1997
3.  Dr. Nao Soua Her
4.  Dr. Ntsum Zaaj Her
5.  Dr. Cha Va Lee
6.  Dr. Song Evelyn Lee
7.  Dr. Vincent Lee
8.  Dr. Wapha Xaiyasang Lee
9.  Dr. Maydeu Lee (Ly), Capella U, 2006
10.  Dr. Pahoua Lee (Ly)
11.  Dr. Cha Lo
12.  Dr. Chuexeng Lo
13.  Dr. Fongchatou Lo, U. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2000
14.  Dr. Kou Lo
15.  Dr. Lee Lo
16.  Dr. Soua Kiatoukaysi Lo
17.  Dr. Xing Kiatoukaysi Lo
18.  Dr. Wang Seng Lo
19.  Dr. Pao Lor
20.  Dr. Kao Cherpao Moua
21.  Dr. Leng Mouanoutoua Moua
22.  Dr. Tou Ger Wangyee Moua
23.  Dr. Bruce Bliatout Thowpaou
24.  Dr. Sam Bliatout Thowpaou
25.  Dr. Chia Vang
26.  Dr. Erick Vang
27.  Dr. Koua Vang
28.  Dr. Ying Vang, Pharmacy
29.  Dr. Cheng Xiong
30.  Dr. Dang Daniel, Xiong Alliant Internationall U, 2005
31.  Dr. May Pang Xiong
32.  Dr. Zong Xiong
33.  Dr. Yong Tria Xiong
34.  Dr. Chue Yang
35.  Dr. John C. Yang
36.  Dr. John Yang
37.  Dr. Julie Yang, Alliant Internat’l U, 2006
38.  Dr. Kao Neng Yang
39.  Dr. Lee Yang
40.  Dr. May See Yang
41.  Dr. Nao Ko Yang
42.  Dr. Thao Yang
43.  Dr. Chong T. Yang, DBA

Other Ed D’s

1.  Dr. Chou Soobtsheej Chang, U. of St. Thomas, 2004
2.  Dr. Bao Vang Lee
3.  Dr. Pao Lee, U. of San Francisco, 1999
4.  Dr. Toulue Page Thao, U. of California-Davis, 2003
5.  Dr. Ka Vang
6.  Dr. Jonas Vangay, California State, U-Fresno/U. of California-Davis
7.  Dr. Kaying Xiong Hamline U., 2007
8.  Dr. Char Yer Xiong (Soung)
9.  Dr. Cher Pao Yang
10.  Dr. Cziasarth Neng Yang, U. of St. Thomas, 2002
11.  Dr. Houa W. Yang
12.  Dr. Terry Yang

Medical Doctor (MD)

1.  Dr. Long Thao, MD
Southern Illinois U. School of Medicine, 1988
700 W. Olive Ave. #A
Merced, CA
First Hmong MD

2.  Dr. Mouatou Mouanoutoua, MD
Cardiologist, Ross U. School of Medicine, 1998
U. of California-San Francisco
110 N Valeria
Fresno, CA  93701

3.  Dr. May Yeu Heu
MD, Ross U., 2001
Open Cities Health Center
St. Paul, MN

4.  Dr. Pa Heu, MDPharmD
6769 N Fresno St, Ste. 204
Fresno, CA

5.  Dr. Cha Lee, MD
Family Practice
6815 W. Capitol Dr, Ste 107
Milwaukee, WI 53216

6.  Dr. Fenglaly Lee, MD
OB/GYN, University of Califonia-Davis, 2003
Fresno, CA

7.  Dr. John Moua, MD
Pediatrics, U. of California-Davis, 2006
UCSF-Fresno Pediatrics
155 N. Fresno St
Fresno, CA 93701

8.  Dr. Panhia Jocelyn Moua MD
Georgetown U. School of Medicine, 2004

9.  Dr. Teng Moua, MD
Internal Medicine, U. of Minnesota Medical School, 2005
Owatonna, MN

10.  Dr. David Thao, MD, PA
Plastic Surgery, U. of Minnesota School of Medicine, 1998
Tessar Professional Building
1099 Helmo Avenue North, Ste 130
Oakdale, MN 55128

11.  Dr. Doua Her, MD
St. Paul, MN

12.  Dr. Xoua Thao, MD
Brown University, 1989
St. Paul, MN

13.  Dr. Nhia Vang, MD
U. of California-Davis, 2003
Oroville Family Health Center
2800 Lincoln St
Oroville, CA

14.  Dr. Sa Vang, MD
U. of California-Davis, 2005
Stockton, CA

15.  Dr. Shary Vang, MD
Internal Medicine, U. of Minnesota Medical School, 2007
Minneapolis, MN

16.  Dr. Touber Vang, MD
Fraser, MI

17.  Dr. Tou Choua Vang, MD
Pediatrician, Ross U. School of Medicine, 2000
Clovis, CA

18.  Dr. Lesley Xiong, MD
Georgetown University School of Medicine

19.  Dr. Lin Xiong, MD
Monroe, LA

20.  Dr. Phua Xiong, MD, Family practice, U. of Minnesota School of Medicine, 1996
St. Paul, MN

21.  Dr. Xa Xiong, DC, MD
Family Practice, U. of Wisconsin Fox Valley Medicine Program, 2008
Aurora Medical Group
4100 Dewey St.
Manitowoc, WI 54220

22.  Dr. Yer Moua Xiong, MD
U. of Minnesota School of Medicine, 2005

23.  Dr. Kou Kevin Yang, MD
Marshfield Clinic Wausau Center
2727 Plaza Dr
Wausau, WI

24.  Dr. Peter Yang, MD, Family Practice, U of California-San Francisco/Fresno, 2001

25.  Dr. Peter Thai Yang, MD, Ross U., 1996
Advance Medical Clinic
1504 White Bear Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55106

26.  Dr. Yeng M. Yang, MD,Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, U. of Minnesota Medical School, 1996

27.  Dr. Tha Cha
28.  Dr. Yer Chang
29.  Dr. Cheng Her
30.  Dr. Khang Xiang Her
31.  Dr. Veethong Lee
32.  Dr. Touxa Lee (Lyfoung)
33.  Dr. Fong Lo
34.  Dr. Muaj Lo
35.  Dr. Vang Kiatoukaysi Lo
36.  Dr. Yang Koua Lo
37.  Dr. Anong Moua
38.  Dr. Ly Pao Moua
39.  Dr. Steve Moua Cherpao Moua
40.  Dr. Steve Bliatou Moua
41.  Dr. Tou Long Moua
42.  Dr. Charles C. Moua
43.  Dr. May Ya Thao
44.  Dr. Theresa Gaoshoua Thao
45.  Dr. Umeng David Thao
46.  Dr. Arnold Vang
47.  Dr. Bee Vang
48.  Dr. Ber Vang
49.  Dr. Chee Vang
50.  Dr. Daniel Vang
51.  Dr. David Yang
52.  Dr. Tony Cha Vang
53.  Dr. Xiong Vang
54.  Dr. Houa Vue
55.  Dr. Kazoua Xiong
56.  Dr. See Xiong
57.  Dr. Bobby K. Yang
58.  Dr. Kang Fue Yang
59.  Dr. Kang H. Yang
60.  Dr. Matthew Yang
61.  Dr. Pa Foua Yang
62.  Dr. Tou Yang
63.  Dr. Xou Yang
64.  Dr. Zoua Pa Yang

Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)

1.  Dr. Benjamin Nhia Bee Herr, DC
7275 E. Southgate Dr, #405
Sacramento, CA

646 El Camino Ave
Sacramento, CA

2.  Dr. Po Chua Her, DC
7171 Bowling Dr #210
Sacramento, CA 95823

87 W. March Ln, Ste 1
Stockton, CA 95207

3.  Dr. Lee A. Heu, DC
3636 N. First St, Ste 123
Fresno, CA 93726

4.  Dr. Fue Lee, DC
7206 Florin Mall Dr
Sacramento, CA 95823

5.  Dr. Jer Lee, DC
Chiro Health Clinic
4400 Oliver Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN

6.  Dr. Yer Moua-Lor, DC
St. Paul, MN

7.  Dr. Lee Moua, DC
St. Paul, MN

8.  Dr. Blong Bliaxa Vang, DC
Northwestern Health Sciences U., 2006
616 Rice St,. Ste B
St. Paul, MN 55103

9.  Dr. Kou Vang, DC
Vang Chiropractic
St. Paul, MN

10.  Dr. Yang Vang, DC
Family Chiropractic
3139 E. McKinley Ave
Fresno, CA 93703

11.  Dr. Tchuneng Vu, DC
162 Pennsylvania Ave, Ste C
St. Paul, MN 55103

12.  Dr. Kao Xiong, DC
1115 Rice St
St. Paul, MN 55117

13.  Dr. Xa Xiong, DC, MD, Family Practice
U. of Wisconsin Fox Valley Medicine Program, 2008
Aurora Medical Group
4100 Dewey St.
Manitowoc, WI 54220

14.  Dr. Yeng Xiong, DC
4753 E. Olive Ave, Ste 101
Fresno, CA 93702

15.  Dr. Lee X. Yang, DC
6685 Stockton Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95823

4330 N. Pershing Ave, Ste B7
Stockton, CA 95207

Other DC’s

16.  Dr. Tria Cha
17.  Dr. Sao Heu
18.  Dr. Mai True Lee
19.  Dr. Tou Xang Lee
20.  Dr. Thai Lee
21.  Dr. Nay Lor
22.  Dr. Lee C. Moua
23.  Dr. Vinai Moua
24.  Dr. Neng Thao
25.  Dr. Bee Yang
26.  Dr. Ma Yang
27.  Dr. Vong Yang

Doctor of Osteopathy (DO)

1.  Dr. Ia Kue, DO, Michigan State University College of Osteopathic
Medicine, 2003
Lifetime Family Clinic
31022 Utica Rd
Fraser, MI 48026

2.  Dr. Chao Thao, DO
4703 Engle Rd. #2
Carmichael, CA

3.  Dr. Lasley Xiong, DO, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)

1.  Dr. Mymee Her, PhD, California School of Professional Psychology, 1997

2.  Dr. Ko Bruce Fang, PhD, California School of Professional Psychology, 1998
2822 N. Blackstone Ave                7240 E. Southgate Dr, Ste B
Fresno, CA 93703                          Sacarmetno, CA 95823
559-229-0227                                 916-296-5089

3.  Dr. Kongmeng Mouanoutoua Moua, PsyD
Alliant International U., 2004
4.  Dr. Alyssa Kaying Vang, PsyD, California School
of Prof. Psychology, 1999
5.  Dr. Tony Tub Tooj Moua
6.  Dr. Debbie Dao Thao
7.  Dr. Kou Yang

Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

1.  Dr. Mao Her, DDS

2.  Dr. Poge Her, DDS
7171 Bowling Dr., Ste 210
Sacramento, CA 95823

3.  Dr. David Blong S. Lee, DDS
825 Michigan Ave
Sheboygan, WI 53081

4.  Dr. Long SN Lee, DDS, SC
3953 N. 76th St
Milwaukee, WI 53222

5.  Dr. Peter Vang Ly, DDS
1355 Florin Rd #6
Sacramento, CA  95822

6.  Dr. Downing Moua, DDS, Boston U, 2004
Fresno, CA

7.  Dr. Alex Ma Thor, DDS
Case Western Reserve U.
3120  Edmonton Dr., Ste 400
Sun Prarie, WI 53590

8. Dr. Joshua Tom Vang, DDS
Blaine, MN

9.  Dr. Kou BliaXa Vang, DDS
St. Paul, MN

10.  Dr. Su Nhia Ying Vang, DDS
Fresno, CA

11.  Dr. Judith Vue, DDS
7260 E Southgate Dr Ste B
Sacramento, CA 95823
(916) 429-1325

12.  Dr. Geryoung Yang, DDS
1355 Florin Rd, Ste B
Sacramento, CA 95822

13.  Dr. Laota Lee (Lynoukhai)
14.  Dr. Pasee Lor
15.  Dr. Ma Thao
16.  Dr. Kong Vang

Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)

1.  Dr. Kao N. Vang, DMD, PC
4304 E. Ashlan Ave
Fresno, CA 93726

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM)

1.  Dr. Peter Herr, DPM,
New York College of Podiatric Medicine, 2004
378 W. Olive Ave #C
Merced, Ca  95348

New York College of Podiatric Medicine, 2004
378 W. Olive Ave #C
Merced, Ca  95348

2.  Dr. Charlotte Chee Vang, DPM,
Chicago School of Podiatric Medicine
A Complete Foot Center, LLC
212 W. McNeese St
Lake Charles, LA 70605

3.  Dr. Daniel Vang, DPM,
Des Moines U. of Osteopathic Medical Center – College
of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, 2003
Ambulatory Foot Clinic
1010 W. 21st Ave
Covington, LA  70433

4.  Dr. Chao Vang, DPM,
New York College of Podiatric Medicine
Peking Podiatric Medical Center
Pekin, Il 61554

5.  Dr. David Vang, DPM,
Des Moines U. of Osteopathic Medical Center – College
of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, 2003
Ambulatory Foot Clinic
1010 W. 21st Ave
Covington, LA  70433

6.  Dr. Shoua Her Lo
7.  Dr. James Nhia Vang
8.  Dr. Pao Kou Marc Yang

Doctor of Optometry (OD)

1.  Dr. Ia Yang Kue
2.  Dr. Chao Thao
3.  Dr. Yer Vang
4.  Dr. Ger Vue

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

1.  Dr. Kangla Fang, PharmD
Lino Lakes, MN

2.  Dr. Gaoshoua Her, PharmD
Visalia, CA

3.  Dr. Lee Her, PharmD, U. of the Pacific, 2003
Fresno, CA

4.  Dr. Tou Vue Her, PharmD
Merced, CA

5.  Dr. Pa Heu, MD, PharmD
Henryetta, OK

6.  Dr. Pao R. Kue, PharmD
Moob Pharmacy, Inc
1202 Payne Ave
St. Paul, MN 55101

7.  Dr. Blong Lee, PharmD
Commerce, GA

8.  Dr. Cheng Seng Lo, PharmD
Roseville, MN

9.  Dr. MayXia Lo, PharmD
Woodbury, MN

10.  Dr. Cheng Lor, PharmD
Warren, MI

11.  Dr. Visai Lor, PharmD, 2006
U. of the Sciences in Philadelphia
Allentown, PA

12.  Dr. Xi Lor, PharmD
Oakdale, MN

13.  Dr. Dao Moua, PharmD
Madera, CA

14.  Dr. Ma Dee Moua, PharmD
Merced, CA

15.  Dr. Noella Duab-Tshiab Moua, PharmD
Ann Arbor, MI

16.  Dr. Pheng Peter Moua, PharmD
Auburn, GA

17.  Dr. Thong Moua, PharmD
Lansing, MI

18.  Tou Geu Moua, PharmD
Liberty Lake, MN

19.  Dr. Jenny Mua, PharmD
Oregon State University
Portland, OR

20.  Dr. John Thao, PharmD, U. of the Pacific, 2002
Atwater, CA

21.  Dr. Ka Thao, PharmD
Stockton, CA

22.  Dr. Lee Thao, PharmD
Fresno, CA
23.  Dr. Tou Bee Thao, PharmD
Fresno, CA

24.  Dr. Vang Sho Thao, PharmD
Marysville, CA

25.  Dr. Chao Chang Vang, PharmD
Stockton, CA

26.  Dr. Dannia Lor Vang, PharmD
Pierz, MN

27.  Dr. Jeffrey Vang, PharmD
Mt. Pleasant, MI

28.  Dr. Koob Vang, PharmD
Stockton, CA

29.  Dr. Ter Vang, PharmD
Westminster, CA

30.  Dr. Yang Lee Vang, PharmD, U. of the Pacific, 2004
Rio Linda, CA

31.  Dr. Lee Shoua Xiong, PharmD
Plainfield, Il

32.  Dr. Zong Xiong, PharmD
Fresno, CA

33.  Dr. Chao Yang, PharmD
Blaine, MN

34.  Dr. Daeu Yang, PharmD, U. of the Pacific, 2001
Sacramento, CA

35.  Dr. Kong Yang, PharmD
Greensboro, NC

36.  Dr. Long Yang, PharmD
Clovis, CA

37.  Dr. May Yang, PharmD
Clovis, CA

38.  Dr. Nancy Xiong, PharmD
Creighton University School of Pharmacy

39.  Dr. Nhia Michael Yang, PharmD
Sacramento, CA

40.  Dr. Pang Xiong Yang, PharmD
Fresno, CA

41.  Dr. Sheng Yang, PharmD
Charlotte, NC

42.  Dr. Shinoula Yang, PharmD
Cottage Grove, MN

43.  Dr. Shoua Yang, PharmD
Coon Rapids, MN

44.  Dr. Tou T. Yang, PharmD, 1990
U. of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Major, Medical Service Corps, US Army

45.  Dr. Xengxue Yang, PharmD
Fresno, CA

46.  Dr. Yong Yang, PharmD, U. of the Pacific, 2003
Sacramento, CA

47.  Dr. Kee Fang
48.  Dr. Fouchee Fang
49.  Dr. Bee Her
50.  Dr. Kou Her
51.  Dr. Kajsia Ku
52.  Dr. KaYing Lee
53.  Dr. Soua Lee
54.  Dr. Chai Lo
55.  Dr. Chengxeng Lo
56.  Dr. Francois Lo
57.  Dr. Daniel Vang
58.  Dr. Samuel Vang
59.  Dr. Xue Vang
60.  Dr. May Yia Xiong
61.  Dr. Youa Xiong
62.  Dr. Chue Yang
63.  Dr. Chue Yeng Yang
64.  Dr. Eng Yang
65.  Dr. May Ge Yang
66.  Dr. May Hlee Yang
67.  Dr. Nene V. Yang
68.  Dr. Paula P. Yang
69.  Dr. Pengxue Yang
70.  Dr. Thai Yang

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

1.  Dr. Nha Long Yang

2.  Dr. Timothy T. Vang,
Fuller Theological Seminary, 1998

3.  Dr. Chang Nhia Kue

4.  Dr. Nhia Vang Vang

5.  Dr. Ger S. Xiong (Soung)

6.  Dr. Lantzia C. Thao

7.  Dr. Steven X. Her

8.  Dr. Chou Mouanoutoua Moua

9.  Dr. Daniel D. Moua

10.  Dr. James Kao Kee Moua

11.  Dr. Kevin Mouanoutoua Moua

12.  Dr. Naw Karl Moua

13.  Dr. Tru Mouanoutoua Moua

14.  Dr. Lue Thao

15.  Dr. Joshua X. Vang (deceased)

Doctor of Theology (ThD)

1.  Dr. Gee Thao

Juris Doctor (JD)

Although lawyers are commonly referred to as “Attorney at Law,” we have listed them as “Dr.” to respect  their educational attainment.

1.  Dr. Mee Moua, JD
Also a Minnesota State Senator

2.  Jeanice Chieng, JD, 2008
Lewis and Clark Law School
Portland, OR

3.  Dr. Ilene Her, JD, U. of Minnesota, 1993

4.  Dr. Chercheng Lo, JD
Law Offices of Kim L. Ryan & Associates
6540 Stockton Blvd, Ste 4
Sacarmento, CA 95823

1151 W. Robinhood Dr #C8
Stockton, CA 95207

5.  Dr. Paul C. Lo, JD
4867 E. Kings Canyon Rd
Fresno, CA 93727

6.  Dr. Rosy L. Lor, JD, 2004
American U., Washington College of Law
Washington D.C.

7.  Dr. Yer Vang, JD, U. of Wisconsin Law School, 2001

8.  Dr. Kou Xiong, JD

9.  Dr. Chuck (Nyaj Ntxawg) Yang, JD, 2009
Lewis and Clark Law School
Portland, OR
CEO, Quasitime LLC

10.  Dr. Su Yang, JD, 2001
Thomas M. Cooley Law School, Lansing, MI
7260 University Avenue NE, Ste 210
Minneapolis, MN 55432

11.  Dr. May Chang
12.  Dr. Wa Chang
13.  Dr. Shuly Y. Her
14.  Dr. Fong Lee
15.  Dr. Hlee M. Lee
16.  Dr. Nini Lee
17.  Dr. Pa Lai V.
18.  Dr. Vang Pao Lee
19.  Dr. Sher Lee
20.  Dr. May Lee (Ly)
21.  Dr. Pacyingz Lee (Lyfoung)
22.  Dr. Chapao Paul Lo
23.  Dr. Chong Lo
24.  Dr. Rose Lo
25.  Dr. Sia Lo
26.  Dr. Song Lo
27.  Dr. Tou Ther Lo
28.  Dr. Beu Mouanoutou Moua
29.  Dr. KaShia Moua
30.  Dr. Lee Moua
31.  Dr. Mai Neng Moua
32. Dr. Mani Moua
33.  Dr. Vong Mouanotoua Moua
34.  Dr. Fue Thao
35.  Dr. See V. Thao
36.  Dr. T. Christopher Thao
37.  Dr. Jerry Bliatout Thaopoaou
38.  Dr. Joyce Bliatout Thaopoaoa
39.  Dr. Blia Vang
40.  Dr. Chong Vang
41.  Dr. Choua Vang
42.  Dr. Hlee Vang
43.  Dr. Ka Vang
44.  Dr. Koua Vang
45.  Dr. Lunhia Vang
46.  Dr. Pheng Vang
47.  Dr. Sing Vang
48.  Dr. Thai Vang
49.  Dr. Victoria Vang
50.  Dr. Ya Vang
51.  Dr. Yamy Vang
52.  Dr. Yia Vang
53.  Dr. Nkaj Lo Vang
54.  Dr. Chue Vue
55.  Dr. Fue Vue
56.  Dr. Lily Vue
57.  Dr. May Vue
58.  Dr. Sophia Y. Vuelo
59.  Dr. Neng Xiong
60.  Dr. Adam Yang
61.  Dr. Bao Yang
62.  Dr. Bao Kaseng
63.  Dr. Blong Yang
64.  Dr. Der Yang
65.  Dr. Ge Yang
66.  Dr. Kana Yang
67.  Dr. Kayla Yang
68.  Dr. Lang Yang
69.  Dr. Lao Sue Yang
70.  Dr. Lucas Yang
71.  Dr. May Ya Yang
72.  Dr. Pal Yang
73.  Dr. Pang Khou Yang
74.  Dr. Pang Zong M. Yang
75.  Dr. Pam Yang
76.  Dr. Paul C. Yang
77.  Dr. Paul P. Yang
78.  Dr. Thomas T. Yang

Others whose degrees are unknown

1.  Dr. Tou Her
2.  Dr. Jer Lee, St. Paul, MN
3.  Dr. Fong Cha Tou Lor, St. Paul, MN
4.  Dr. Nao Sao Moua
5.  Dr. Christopher Vang, Fresno, CA
6.  Dr. Dao Vang
7.  Dr. Naocher Vang


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